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CJ Spirits

CJ Spirits

Hand crafted spirits made with pure Allegheny Mountain Spring Water

Started in the heart of the PA Wilds, CJ Spirits takes care to provide excellent spirits using only pure Allegheny mountain spring water. As the first craft distillery in northwestern Pennsylvania, they use locally grown grains, and a great attention to detail. This includes their investment in excellent equipment, providing incredible award-winning spirits across a broad range of categories.
Owners Sam Cummings and Tom Jones use this excellent equipment with classic methods to craft the best spirits possible. The owners have been friends since middle school and have remained close friends. When Pennsylvania made limited distillery licenses available in 2012, Sam and Tom jumped at the opportunity and began to make their business from scratch. After taking classes on distilling, developing a business plan, and getting acquainted with the finances behind running a business, they opened CJ Spirits on June 14, 2014.
CJ Spirits aims to become a premier tourist destination and a world class producer of fine spirits. They are located along historic Route 6 in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest.