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Lancelot's Flaming Love Vodka

Lancelot's Flaming Love Vodka

Dragon Distillery

Dragon Distillery’s Lancelot’s Flaming Love Vodka is a special blend of mango and spice. It starts out mango forward, but finishes with heat from the spice. The contrast of these flavors makes it a very special spirit. I guess you could call it chaotic good. This is highly recommended with mango nectar, or you can mix it into a cocktail with pineapple juice.

Proof: 80      ABV: 40%


Recipes made with Lancelot's Flaming Love Vodka

Guinevere's Betrayal

  • Dragon Distillery's Laneclot's Flaming Love Vodka
  • Pineapple juice
  • Smoked wood chips
  • Sours