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About BigFish

Passion for craft spirits is growing among consumers and the number of distillers is growing to meet the demand. Unfortunately, consumers have little access to the brands and flavors they crave. With each state’s unique laws and distribution regulations combined with the proliferation of mainstream, mass-marketed spirits taking up more shelf space in local liquor stores, there is minimal opportunity for customers to discover and experience distillers from outside their own state.

BigFish’s mission is to provide customers with unprecedented access to the vast world of craft spirits. Our carefully curated collection of craft spirits, all from independent distilleries, is unlike any other before it and is readily available for exploration here. These craft spirits from our partner distilleries are available for purchase through us by phone, through our website, or through our mobile app. Currently, customers can purchase spirits from BigFish for delivery to their door within the state of Illinois. As we continue to grow, we look forward to providing opportunities for craft spirits enthusiasts and customers across the country and around the world to purchase from our collection of curated, hand-crafted spirits.