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Summer BBQ

Eating food that’s been cooked over an open fire is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Here are our suggestions to complement your cook-out.

Drink Mesquite With Dark Meat

Pair your dark meats with a mesquite and smokey whiskey. Put corn on the menu with vodka that’s made from it. Then finish with a watermelon liqueur to cool your palate.
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White Meat Meets White Whiskey

Pair your white meats with a clear, but mesquite and smokey whiskey. Add some brown drinks for your extra-charred veggies. Then finish with something sweet and peachy.
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Go Smoke-Free

Sometimes you don’t want your meats to be mesquite and smokey. Sometimes you want your sugarcane charcoal grilled. And, of course, no summer barbeque would be complete without vodka made from sweet corn.
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