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Summer Picnic

Whether you live in the city near the lake or in a town with endless rolling hills, having a boozy picnic is a wonderful way to enjoy a summer day.

Have a Great Date

It’s your first picnic together and you don’t know what he or she wants to drink. You will please any picnic dweller with the variety of flavor in this bundle. The recipes range from a sweet lemonade to a sour greyhound, making this bundle flexible enough to fit any meal you’ve prepped.
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Picnic on the Beach

Just as there’s a variety of beach bodies, there’s variety of spirits in this bundle. It offers a rum that has been awarded nine gold medals, a sweet, barley-based spirit made with Prickly Pears, and a spirit distilled from kombucha.
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Lemonade's All Grown Up

No picnic is complete without spiked lemonade. The recipes in this bundle include something electric, something classic with a relaxing twist, and something refreshing made with an award-winning Pineapple Vodka.
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