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Weekend on the Water

From long weekends on the lake to 3-hour boat tours on the harbor, we’ve got handpicked bundles of spirits perfect for you.

Bon Voyage

Whether you’re headed for distant shores or sticking close by, you can get a taste of the exotic with this bundle. Try an ancient spirit-inspired tequila. Enjoy a bourbon aged on the sea. And take it easy on the waves Big Easy-style with a classic rum.
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Riding the Storm Out

Weather can change quickly when you’re on the water. But it doesn’t matter what the forecast is with the spirits in this bundle. Weather rough seas below deck with rye whiskey. Stay close to the dock with an amber rum. And lead your crew to a good time with a vodka fit for the finest vessels.
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Spirits for on the Deck or on the Dock

You don’t actually have to be on the water for a weekend on the water. The spirits in this bundle capture the spirit either way. Feel the strong wind blowing in this strong rye whiskey. Enjoy white caps and night caps alike with a black strap molasses rum. And gaze upon any horizon with a velvety vodka.
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Living on Island Time

Embrace the tropics and tropical drinks with the spirits in this bundle. Ease into your next adventure with an amazing orange liqueur. Explore new waters with an apple guava vodka. And sip a sweet rum with mangoes from Florida’s Barrier Islands.
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