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Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Chambers Bay Distillery

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

95 Proof, 47.5% ABV

Chambers Bay Distillery’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey is the distillery's core expression of its wheated-bourbon. Truly a locally-crafted bourbon, it's made with Cascade mountain water, the highest-quality sweet yellow corn and soft white wheat from Grant County, Washington, as well as the distillery's own proprietary wild-yeast strain harvested from a local apple orchard. You could say they produce their bourbon yeast-to-bottle. Using wheat as the secondary grain results in a sweet bourbon with a flavor profile that pairs well with the salty sea air it's exposed to during the aging process. Mature beyond its years, this Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged over 3 years in a floating boathouse atop Puget Sound. The motion of the ocean expedites the aging process and enhance the flavor.

Recipes made with Straight Bourbon Whiskey