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CJ Spirits

CJ Spirits

Hand crafted spirits made with pure Allegheny Mountain Spring Water

120 Willow Run Dr , Kane, PA 16735

Seated among the trees of the Allegheny National Forest off of historic Route 6 is CJ Spirits. Opened by life-long friends in June 2014, CJ Spirits is northwestern Pennsylvania’s first craft distillery, and they’re pumping out a range of award-winning craft spirits including rum, gin, vodka and whiskey.
Owners Sam Cummings and Tom Jones have been close friends since they were in middle school. When Pennsylvania made limited distillery licenses available, these old friends seized the opportunity to build a business from scratch. They took classes on distilling, developed a business plan and CJ Spirits was born.
Sam and Tom make their award-winning craft spirits the same way they built their business: from the ground up. CJ Spirits uses locally grown grains, pristine Allegheny Mountain spring water and great attention to detail to develop their full line of craft spirits. Looking for a twist on a familiar staple? Try their Wilds Leek Vodka. Infused with wild leeks, this unique spirit adopts the leeks’ mild bite and keeps a crisp finish.