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Victoria Close is a first generation Russian whose parents came to the US after World War II. Her father Albert Douk was born near St. Petersburg in Russia in 1937. At the age of 5, his family fled Russia to escape political and religious persecution. They fled through Russia, into Europe, landed in Belgium, and eventually they were granted sponsorship to the US. His family took roots in New Jersey where Albert finished high school and promptly joined the United States Air Force.
Victoria’s mother Mila was born in Czechoslovakia while her parents were fleeing Russia during World War II. After many years of immigration, they landed in Venezuela until Mila was a teenager. When her family received sponsorship to the US, her home became Syracuse, NY. A few years after Albert returned from the service, he met Mila through mutual Russian friends. They were complete opposites and made a perfect couple. They were married within a year. As a US veteran and proud citizen of the US, Albert and his wife, Mila, were the inspiration for Crostwater Distilled Spirits.
One very specific tradition that has been passed down from their heritage is the toasting with Holy Water during any special occasion, holiday, or family gathering. Holy Water is the Russian expression for Vodka. The initial intent was to open a vodka and martini bar, since they have such a connection to Vodka and an appreciation for the perfect Martini. However, years of research brought them to the conclusion that many spirits have found their way to this young country from around the world and deserve their own spotlight. Crostwater Distilled Spirits wanted to bring more than just vodka to the masses, they wanted to bring spirits from around the world, learn more about the origins, and tell their stories. These spirits, and Victoria's parents, all have a story from across the water. The stories are what inspired the Holy Water extension into Crostwater Distilled Spirits.

After a couple of years of challenges with trademarking and the connection to the many inspired spirits, they were brainstorming in their living room on what name gives the right impression for the brand, the history of the spirits, and the inspiration of Victoria's parents. They were stumped. The spirits come from monks from the British Isles, the East Indies with high seas trading and pirating, Dutch inspired macerations, Russian immigration success stories, and old fashioned American ingenuity.

Victoria’s son, who has phonological dyslexia, was listening to their naming debate shortly after taking a marketing class. He cannot spell words based on the English language with all of its exceptions and rules, he spells phonetically. The weekend after, Victoria was with her son and he mentioned that he had a few suggestions. He threw out one what they interpreted as Crossed Water. All the spirits and ideas come from across the water, including Deda (the name for grandfather in Russian.) When Victoria spelled it out, he promptly corrected her with ‘’Crostwater. With a ‘T.’’ It made complete sense to him. Plus, it is a truly unique word, so no more trademarking issues. From there, Crostwater stuck.Robin & Brian have a love for sustainable farming. Distilling was their way to support the local grain economy and create products that were expressive of California terroir.