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It all started with a group of great friends sitting around a fire pit, enjoying some cocktails, and discussing life’s journey. The conversation focused on what they wanted to be when they 'grew up'. There they were, a bunch of 30 year old professionals discussing how they envisioned what the rest of their careers would look like.

Loren Matthews had been working in the brewing industry for 15 years. As a brewer, it’s a natural progression to dabble in distilling. So, a few years back she bought a still and started to home distill. Immediately, Loren fell in love with distilling! And, the journey started…

Growing up, Loren’s parents were always supportive and encouraged each of their children to follow careers that they enjoyed. They told them to do something they were proud of, and not to look back on life and regret not taking chances. So, as Loren shared her passion of brewing and distilling with her friends, the seed was planted. After a few years, She took a leap of faith and followed that passion for distilling.