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Rusty Piton Corn Whiskey

Gristmill Distillers

Rusty Piton Corn Whiskey

80 Proof, 40% ABV

100% corn whiskey, 100% local. Gristmill Distillers start with spring water straight from the mountain in Keene, creating a mash with finely milled corn grown by Adirondack Organic Grains in nearby Essex. Distillation results in a smooth white whiskey with a warm, subtle hint of straight-off-the-cob sweetness. Rusty Piton is a nod to the rock climbers and mountaineers who have come before us, hammering steel pitons into the mountains for protection as they made their ascent (very likely with a bottle of whiskey in tow.) The name was created on a winter day ice climbing with friends at Silver Lake, an area of cliffs and ice in the Adirondacks (also probably involving whiskey.)

Recipes made with Rusty Piton Corn Whiskey