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Apple Pie Moonshine

Howling Moon Distillery

Apple Pie Moonshine

100 Proof, 50% ABV

Howling Moon Distillery’s Apple Pie Moonshine is made with real cinnamon and local apples hand cut and mixed into their award winning Mountain Moonshine. They leave the fruit in until all the flavor and color are extracted. Then, they filter the fruit out and bottle it.

Recipes made with Apple Pie Moonshine

Howling Moon Hot Toddy

  • Apple cider
  • Apple Pie Moonshine
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Ground cloves (optional)
Either microwave or heat one gallon of Apple Cider in an appropriate container. Then add between 375 ml/750 ml Howling Moon Apple Pie Moonshine to the Apple Cider. Mix one teaspoon of ground cloves per gallon of Apple Cider. Pour in glass and garnish with a Cinnamon stick.