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A brief explanation of the SIP Awards and who won in 2019

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the SIP Awards, outside the spirits that compete in the yearly international competition, is that the winners are unaffected by industry bias. That means there’s no political influence of previous winners and no big-budget marketing plans driving the bus. The spirits are judged on merit by everyday consumers like you, because at SIP they believe consumers are the best judge of a spirit.

The competition was founded by Paul Hashemi over a decade ago after he asked himself one simple question: “What about the consumer’s opinion?” He knew the consumers’ opinion was living in the shadow of the paid professional judges and he believed the unbiased consumer opinion would benefit spirits companies more than any other because it cut to the core of public opinion.

The SIP Awards have since become one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality rating in the world. Its judges come from all demographics based on a detailed interview. And it has spurred the industry to move towards crowd-based, consumer-based judging. While BigFish recognizes all spirits competitions and their professional judges and winners as eminently impressive, we also know that it’s the consumer’s opinion that matters most. That’s why we are particularly fond of all of our SIP Awards winners, previous years included. Another year has passed and that means more winners. Below you will find a list of all the 2019 winning distilleries BigFish has brought to the state of Illinois.

Dented Brick Distillery

Great Basin Bristlecone Gin
  • Double Gold for Gin
  • SIP Innovation Award

  • *BigFish does not yet carry this spirit

    Jan Stephenson Pineapple Rum
  • Gold for Flavored/Infused Rum

  • *BigFish does not yet carry this spirit

    Dutch & Dewey Distillery

    Eau Claire Distillery

    Cherry Gin
  • Gold for Flavored/Infused Gin
  • Consumer’s Choice Award
  • SIP Innovation Award

  • *BigFish does not yet carry this spirit

    Single Malt Whisky
  • Double Gold for Canadian Single Grain/Malt Whisky

  • *BigFish does not yet carry this spirit

    Fish Hawk Spirits

    Resurgence Silver Rum
  • Silver for White Rums

  • *BigFish does not yet carry this spirit

    Resurgence Gold Rum
  • Double Gold for Gold/Dark Rum

  • *BigFish does not yet carry this spirit

    Ghost Coast Distillery

    Carthusian Bitters
  • Double Gold for Bitters
  • Consumer’s Choice Award

  • *Coming Soon

    Maraschino Cherry Almond Liqueur
  • Double Gold for Fruit/Berry Liqueur
  • Consumer’s Choice Award

  • *Coming Soon

    StilL 630

    The Northern Maine Distilling Company

    Young & Yonder Spirits

    Virago Spirits

    Now that you have a little taste of what the SIP Awards are and who their winners were this year, we recommend trying one of the 2019 winners. Bring the bottle to a party and share it with your friends. Impress them with your new knowledge and give them a new spirits experience.