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Volstead's Folly American Gin

StilL 630

Volstead's Folly American Gin

81 Proof, 40.5% ABV

In dubious honor of the infamous Father of Prohibition, Andrew Volstead, StilL 630 proudly presents this American Gin. Juniper forward, with sweet elderberry, bold pine, and sage flavor, this spirit is rounded out with citrus and warm spice notes. Volstead Gin is different than that made under the stuffy monarchy StilL 630 left behind all those years ago. This is an American Gin with no apologies, the kind of gin you’d expect from a craft distillery founded on stellar whiskey and rum. It’s balanced enough to sip alone, but can also shine in any cocktail. This is the gin for people who like drinking.

Recipes made with Volstead's Folly American Gin